Ticket 1.0

A ticket system which allows players to report problems across servers (or on a single server)

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    • 1.12
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    This plugin allows players to create tickets where they can describe their problems and/or questions. Staff member can help the player by closing the ticket with the answer and/or solving thier problems.

    You can configure ALL messages in the configuraion file.

    This plugin uses a MySQL database to store the tickets. So you need to configure the database settings in the config.yml file.

    The plugin queries all tickets from the database every five minutes and everytime a player performs a ticket command, if there are changes in the database.

    Important: You have to give the minecraft server a unique name if you use this plugin on multiple servers! You can do this by configuring the "servername" in the server.properties file of your server.

    You can install this plugin on as many Bukkit/Spigot servers as you want. Don't install this plugin on your BungeeCord server - it is only for Bukkit/Spigot servers!

    ticket.admin - Allows you to administrate the tickets (This permission is configurable)

    Commands (for players):
    /Ticket <new|create> <your problem> - Creates a new ticket
    /Ticket <list> - Shows all open tickets
    /Ticket <close> <ticket id> [reason] - Closes the ticket (the player will no longer be notified about the ticket/answer of the ticket)

    Commands (for admins/supporter):
    /Ticket <tp> <ticket id> - Teleports you to a ticket
    /Ticket <assign> <ticket id> - Assigns you to a ticket
    /Ticket <unassign> <ticket id> - Unassigns you from a ticket
    /Ticket <auto> <ticket id> - Teleports you to the ticket and assigns it to you
    /Ticket <next> - Teleports you to the next ticket and assigns it to you
    /Ticket <list> - Shows all open tickets of all players
    /Ticket <close> <ticket id> [reason] - Closes the ticket

    If you have any requests, ideas or found any bugs, please let me know it!
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  1. oranges13
    Version: 1.0
    Does everything we need, except deletes closed tickets from the database so we do not have historical records.