TicketDrops v1.0

A light-weight plugin that allows you to give donors some extra support in the economy

  1. ryanworkman
    This is a light-weight plugin that allows you to give a ticket to certain players. I use this plugin as a donation perk which allows donors to do "/ticket" and they will receive a ticket in their hand. They can then do "/ticketregister" and they will register the ticket in their hand. Staff will then be able to do "/ticketcheck <Player Name>" and see if the player has a ticket registered. After they check and they want to remove the ticket all they have to do is "/ticketremove <Player Name>" and it will remove the selected players ticket.

    /ticket - ticket.use
    /ticketcheck - ticket.check
    /ticketregister - ticket.register
    /ticketremove - ticket.remove

    If you would like to donate please donate to:
    Ryan Workman