Ticketer 1.1-SNAPSHOT

Allow users to submit help tickets to a MySQL backend!

  1. hatten33
    Ticketer is a plugin which allows your players to submit tickets to be reviewed by your staff. Ticketer can be utilized in a variety of ways, and works across your network due to it being proxy side and powered by a MySQL backend.

    Code (Text):

    /(command) | (permission) : (description)
    /ticket open | ticketer.use : Open up a new help ticket.
    /ticket read (id) | ticketer.readall : Read a specific ticket (requires player to own the ticket or have the permission. Remove the id for a list of all open tickets.
    /ticket close (id) | ticketer.closeall : Close a specific ticket (sender must be owner or have permission)
    ---=< Premium Version >=---
    In addition to these extra commands, the premium version also alerts users of specific activity. To receive alerts not concerning their own tickets, users must have ticketer.alertall

    Premium Commands:
    Code (Text):

    /ticket reply (id) (message) | ticketer.reply : Reply to the specific ticket
    /ticket find (playername) | ticketer.findall : Find all of a players tickets or remove the playername to see your own. (requires no permission to see own)
    If you have suggestions or wish to report a bug, please do so in the resource thread.

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    Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    Not worth your time or money.