TicketManager 1.0.0

Handle All Your User Created Tickets in a Modern Fashion

  1. tatemylove
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    What is it?
    Ticket Manager is the #1 solution of keeping track of tickets. Instead of having one person dealing with tickets, TicketManager allows up to 18 people to work together (depending on who the submitter chooses as an assigner).

    How does it work?
    TicketManager takes all of the UUID's that you chose as assigners (the ones you want to resolve tickets). It will then retrieve the name's and store them in a seperate data file with their UUID. The player can choose any assignee from the GUI, it also shows if they're online or not. It will then notify the assignee and store in ticket file. Both parties can view the ticket, however online the assignee can resolve it.

    What are the features?
    -GUI Interface
    -Multi Assignee Support
    -Auto Updater (Coming Soon)
    -UUID Support
    -Clickable Text
    -Customizable Prefix
    -Optimized For Lower-End Machines
    -Platinum Standard Support*

    *Only non leaked versions are supported*

    I want to report a bug!
    I'm working on a support website at the moment, however, you can leave a error log in the DISCUSSION as well as how that error occurred. Bug reports left in the review section will be avoided.

    By purchasing my plugin, you are now eligible for premium support, just PM your issue and I can guide you through on how to fix it, or I can join your server and help you fix it!

    /ticket ~ No permission
    /ticket help ~ No permission
    /ticket create ~ ticketmanager.create
    /ticket admin ~ ticketmanager.admin
    /ticket view ~ ticketmanager.view
    /ticket reload ~ ticketmanager.reload

    As of right now I don't have a tutorial window, however the setup is simple, just read through the config.yml, everything is documented there.

    *Still got questions? Either PM or email at [email protected]*

Recent Reviews

  1. eickmung
    Version: 1.0.0
    Best ticket plugin. But I don't know when this plugin will be updated. Thank you!
  2. Walyrian
    Version: 1.0.0
    This plugin needs a lot of work. It's sad that we don't have a good ticket plugin which we can rely on these days. I would love to see a option where you can turn of the assignment, and everyone in the staff can see all the open tickets. I hope the author is still working with this, it's been four month already.

    But I still can see potential with this one. Good luck with this!! :)
    1. tatemylove
      Author's Response
      Sorry to hear your experience wasn't up to par. I haven't been working on this project for quite some time as I dedicate alot of resources to my very own server. However, I'll be working on this again soon when I find the time. If you would like a refund, please PM me.