TickSpeed 2021-03-24

Adjustable server tps

  1. ThatOneGamer999
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin will only work in Minecraft 1.14 or later. It may load on older versions but will not function and may spam console with errors.

    Most other games have the ability to change your simulation speed, and this plugin brings this to Minecraft.

    • /tickspeed [realtime|<tps>] - Change the target tps, view target tps, or set realtime simulation
    • tickspeed.view - See the current tickspeed (/tickspeed)
    • tickspeed.change - Set the current tickspeed, or enable realtime simulation
    • tickspeed.notify - Be notified when another player or console changes the tickspeed
    Nerd Stuff:
    This plugin changes the tickspeed by modifying the nextTick attribute of the core Minecraft server. This changes the amount of time Minecraft will wait between ticks. This means that when tickspeed is intentionally low, there will be no warnings as the server thinks it is running normally, as the actual time it takes for a tick to process is unchanged.

    This plugin should be relatively safe to use, however this is used at your OWN RISK and I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage to your worlds, server hardware, or likewise.

    Developer API:
    I guess you can add my plugin to your class path in your favourite IDE, then just set the tickspeed like following:
    Code (Java):
    io.egg.tickspeed.TickSpeed.targetTps = 120;
    IDK how thread safe it is, use at your own risk. Try examining my source code for your implementations instead;
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