TidyCommandBlock 1.0.0

Block in-game commands based on permissions and/or a whitelist/blacklist, in a tidy matter.

  1. MarkehMe
    In a neat and tidy matter, block in-game commands based on permissions and/or a whitelist/blacklist.

    Sick of plugins that don't let you customise their "no permission" messages? or, maybe you want to add a permission to a command? This is what TidyCommandBlock does. This free plugin allows just that.

    What can be restricted?
    • Any command by any plugin! (e.g. /warp, /msg)
    • Any bukkit provided command (e.g. /help or /version)
    • Any sub command by any plugin (e.g. /warp donorsmarket, /f rules)
    To block a command, create a new .yml file inside the plugins/TidyCommandBlock/commands folder. You can use any plain text editor, such as notepad, textedit, or atom.

    Then, the file syntax is like so:

    Code (Text):
    command: /somecommand
    permission: some.permission
    message: <red>Yikes! You have to be <gold>a donor<red> to do that!
    - some-uuid
    - some-uuid
    • Command: The command that we are blocking
    • Permission: The permission required
    • Message: The message to show (leave blank for no message)
    • Whitelist: A list of UUIDs that can use it no matter what permission (use the /tcb whitelist add/remove <file> <player> command)
    • Blacklist: A list of UUIDs that are restricted from the command, even if they have the permission (use the /tcb blacklist add/remove <file> <player> command)
    TidyCommandBlock adds one administration command /tcb to assist with the whitelist and blacklist.