TigerReportsSupports 1.6.2

Adds Discord support to TigerReports plugin / Ajoute le support de Discord au plugin TigerReports.

  1. MrTigreroux
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Languages Supported:
    Français & Custom

    TigerReportsSupports by MrTigreroux
    [Depends on TigerReports plugin]

    TigerReportsSupports adds supports to TigerReports plugin.
    Currently, it is adding Discord support.

    Alert of a new report:

    In progress report:

    Important report:

    Processed report:


    Creation of the Discord bot:

    • Put the bot name of your choice under Name. Then click on Create.

    • Convert the App to Bot by clicking on Add Bot button:

    • Untick Public bot and untick Requires OAuth2 Code Grant:

    • Open a new web page and paste, without validating, this URL:
    Code (Text):

    • Replace the <ID> in the above link with your bot Client ID, then press Enter:

    • Select your Discord server, then authorize the bot to join:

    The Discord bot is now created and is a member of your Discord server.

    Installation of TigerReportsSupports:
    • Stop your Spigot server.
    • Install the version 4.3 or greater of TigerReports plugin if you don't already have it.
    • Download and put TigerReportsSupports.jar file in plugins folder of your server.
    • Launch your server.
    If you have a BungeeCord network, you can install this plugin:
    • on only 1 Spigot server (recommended):
    • You only need to edit 1 config.yml file to change settings of your Discord bot.
    • The bot is managed by only 1 Spigot server, that means that all your other Spigot servers don't consume their resources (CPU, RAM, ...) for the Discord bot.
    • The server where TigerReportsSupports is installed needs at least 1 player to receive BungeeCord notifications and then update the Discord bot. That means that the reports aren't displayed by the Discord bot if there is no player on the server where the plugin is installed.
    • on all your Spigot servers (not recommended):
    You need to set NotifyOnlyLocalReports setting to yes in the config.yml file of all your Spigot servers.

    • All reports will be displayed on Discord, whereas there is at least 1 player on the Spigot server or not.
    • All settings in config.yml file concerns only the Spigot server where they are. That means that if you want to change a setting of your Discord bot, you will have to change the config.yml file of all your Spigot servers.
    • All you Spigot servers will use their resources (CPU, RAM, ...) to run the TigerReportsSupports plugin and therefore manage the Discord bot.

    Setting up the Discord bot:
    • Open config.yml file in ../plugins/TigerReportsSupports folder.
    • Replace "false" to "true" for Discord: Enabled.
    • Copy the Discord bot Token from the web page of the bot (here if you closed it) by clicking on Copy button and put it for Discord: Token.

    • Go on your Discord server and right click on the text channel you want the bot to use and then click on "Copy the id":

    Other way of getting the id: type the name of the text channel you want the bot to use with a "\" before, then copy it (highlighted below)

    • Put the channel ID (previously copied) in the config to Discord: Channel.
    • Type in a channel of your Discord server the reload command: /tigerreports reload.

    That's it, the bot will now display all new reports in this channel.
    You can change every message in messages.yml file and then reload with the previous command.

    The plugin can be configured in config.yml file.
    Enabled: Define if the Discord support is used.
    Token: Define the Token of the Discord bot.
    Channel: Define the channel used by the Discord bot.
    Managers: Define users who can use the /tigerreports command.
    Remove the "none" and the "#" and replace pseudo#1234 with the Discord name of an user.
    ServerInfo: Display or not the server field in alerts.
    The default config.yml settings are here.

    Messages are by default in french but all can be modified in messages.yml file.
    Why ? Because I'm french I don't want the default messages of the plugin to have bad english but I nevertheless wrote a base of english below if you don't have the time/motivation to translate them by yourself.
    They are updated after all new versions.

    In order to make the Discord bot tag(/mention) a Discord role, you can put <@&ROLE_ID> in messages.yml file with ROLE_ID replaced by the id of the role that you can get by typing \@ROLE_NAME in a Discord channel with ROLE_NAME replaced by the name of the role.

    Important: If you use Minecraft 1.8 or less, you must encode messages.yml file with ANSI, else you must encode it with UTF-8.
    If messages are not changed, it means that you encoded with wrong format.

    Also, you can't put a comment (#Message) at first line of the file. If you do it messages will simply not be implemented.

    Basic messages:


    There are currently 2 commands for the Discord bot:
    /tigerreports reload: Reloads the config files (config.yml and messages.yml).
    /tigerreports stop: Disconnect the bot.

    Please respect my work respecting these directions:
    • Do not claim this plugin as yours.
    • Do not distribute or sell this plugin on this site or another, just redirect to this page.
    • Do not copy part or all of source code without quoting me and notifying me (MrTigreroux).
    • Do not post errors in the reviews section, please contact me directly instead.

    And that's all, thank you for reading this page.
    If you want to look at sources, the plugin is on GitHub.
    If you are french you can follow @MrTigreroux on Twitter.

    Please keep in mind that I made this plugin for free to help people who don't know how to create their own plugin, a good review is highly appreciated. :)
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. gfdugfj
    Version: 1.6.2
    Now there is a question
    He said he has been connected to the xxxxx channel, but he will not be connected to the xxxxx channel after being reported in the game. How to solve this?
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      Hello, the reviews section is not made for fixing issues. Please use the discussion tab, GitHub issues or private messages for this.
  2. ScarePerson
    Version: 1.6.2
    A very convenient plugin for the server, especially to control the staff. It is convenient because it does not flood, that is, every time the prefix changes, the information changes, and new ones are not sent. Good luck with plugin development! Looking forward to new plugins from you!
  3. enteranamelonger
    Version: 1.6
    A little buggy but works good for the server. Would appreciate more features for the discord but good overall for my bedwars server.
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      Could you explain what you mean by "a little buggy" in the discussion tab, private messages or on GitHub please ? I'm ready to fix bugs but I can't detect all of them. And I'm also open to suggestions of new features, just share yours.
  4. geheim44
    Version: 1.5.7
    Please update to 1.16.5 <3 Thank you! ------------------------------------------
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      The plugin doesn't depend on Minecraft version. If you encounter problems/erros, please send them to me.
  5. ChristianNM
    Version: 1.5.6
    The plugin is good, the only thing I do not like is that we cannot configure the image that the bot inserts in the embed to our liking since in my opinion it does not look good.

    Also there are some messages that are not editable.
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      As I explained in another review, there is no credit in this plugin except this logo. I think that you can understand that I don't really want to remove it.
      I don't know what messages are not editable and that you would want to edit but if you don't ask me, I can't guess them.
  6. Adam_YT101
    Version: 1.5.5
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your good review but please use the discussion page, private messages or GitHub issues page to report bugs. The report that you processed (#1) is not the one displayed above (#2). That's why the description isn't modified: it is not the same report.
  7. LevM2006
    Version: 1.5.4
    Hi, the plugin does not work on 1.8 (Spigot), if possible, please make it work, thanks in advance
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      Hello, please detail your problem in the discussion tab, on GitHub or in private message. Reviews are not made to fix issues, and you can't reply to them.
  8. marlon233
    Version: 1.4.1
    good plugin and good developer
    Thank you very much for adding my suggestion.
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      No problem, if you have others do not hesitate.
  9. TwerkRekt
    Version: 1.4.1
    Super addon !
    Ce serai sympa d'ajouter une fonction lorsque le report est réglé ça change le status dans le discord
    1. MrTigreroux
      Author's Response
      Merci beaucoup pour la "revue".
      Effectivement c'est une très bonne idée, je vais l'ajouter dans la prochaine version. Si tu as d'autres suggestions n'hésite pas.
  10. rdrhgameur
    Version: 1.4
    Add-on très utile car il permet d'avoir une meilleure réactivité face aux reports des joueurs. Simple à configurer et facile de compréhension