TigerSounds 1.4

Plugin to listen all sounds of Minecraft / Plugin pour écouter tous les sons de Minecraft.

  1. Fix some mistakes

    Fix some mistakes

    • Error sound is now configurable in config.yml with ErrorSound parameter. Also, sound of menu is now defined with MenuSound parameter in place of SoundMenu.
    • Accents not shown in console have been removed from reset file message.
    • Color character defined in config.yml is now used in playsound function.
  2. Fix advanced menu switcher

    Fix advanced menu switcher

    • Menu that permit to change parameters of a sound has been fixed. It couldn't switch between start and end of sounds list of a group.
  3. Fix for Minecraft 1.9

    Fix for Minecraft 1.9 and higher

    • Versions Minecraft 1.9+ are now merged for the plugin, modifications for this version are integrated to others higher.
    • Config name Door has now automatically his bukkit name as WOODEN_DOOR for Minecraft 1.9+.
    • File messages.yml has been changed to correct unsupported accents.
  4. Update to Minecraft 1.9

    Plugin updated to Minecraft 1.9.

    • Config name of mob sounds can be written <mob name>-<sound type> or Entity-<mob name>-<sound type>.
    Example: Bat-death or Entity-bat-death.​
    • Bukkit sound type "IDLE" is replaced by "AMBIENT" because bukkit sound names changed. Therefore, it's useless to change config names in config.yml.
    Example: Bat-idle or Bat-ambient...