Timber Plugin | 1.16.* (Older Plugin Versions: 1.7.10 - 1.16.5) 1.0-BETA

Fell Trees by breaking one Block with any Tool/Item you wish.

  1. Paul_H
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    • 1.16

    this is my first Plugin! It fells Trees if you destroy a block of them. I implemeted bStats in version 0.9.1-BETA.

    If you use Version 1.0-BETA or newer, the plugin will only work on Minecraft Version 1.16.*, the older Versions are working from 1.7.10 - 1.16.*.

    You can disable the whole Plugin by turning "enable" to false.

    By default it only destroys Blocks that are above the destroyed Block, you can change it in the config by turning "enable-downwards" from false to true.

    The maxHieght value in the config.yml regulates how much logs are harvested by once in a column.

    To fell Trees you need the "timberPlugin.fellTrees" permission and one of the five Items that can be configured under "allowed-tools" in the config.yml. By default you can fell Trees with the 6 basic axes (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite), but you can change it to items that you want to use.

    Now you can allow two different gamemode in which Timbering shall be enabled. Below that you can turn off the new restriction that you cannot Timber when you are sneaking, set this value to false to Timber everytime.

    Commands and Permissions:


    It's still in development, and it will get updates with new functions. If you have wishes or suggestions, write me!

    Have fun and Stay healthy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. FamousHistory
    Version: 1.0-BETA
    Very Good plugin! I liked it very much! Thanks for publishing this plugin onto Spigotmc
  2. FamousHistory
    Version: 0.9-BETA
    The new Feature is awesome! Please release new Versions soon ^^
    The ideas from the author are genial :)
    1. Paul_H
      Author's Response
      Thank you dude, I'm glad to get such a positive feedback from you guys! Stay healthy!
  3. FamousHistory
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    This is a very good plugin! I really enjoyed it! Hope this developer makes another plugin one day!
  4. IseeIceTea
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    A very good mod. I will install it on my Server. I hope to see more from this Developer.