Timber 1.5.1

Simple wood farming

  1. Syranda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Timber 1.5.1

    Timber is a very simple plugin that simplifies wood farming. When you
    break a wood block the block above (if it is a wood block) will also drop.
    Sneaking while breaking the block will prevent it.

    /trl -> Command to reload Timber
    /taxe [player] [durability] [axe name] -> Gives you (or player) the Timber axe

    Timber.Reload -> Allows you to reload Timber
    Timber.Axe -> Allows you to get the Timber axe.

    Known bugs:
    • Only single word axe names possible (This only applies for the plugin intern command not for the API) Fixed in 1.5.1
    • After renaming the axe via anvil the axe will be not recognized as timber axe anymore

    Code (Text):
    Timber. createAxe();
    // Creates a timber axe with default values
    Code (Text):
    Timber. createAxe(String name, Material material, int durability);
    // Creates a timber axe with argument values


    1. Put Timber.jar into plugins folder
    2. Configurate config.yml
    3. Reload / restart server

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