Time is Money

Earn money for being online!

  1. update

    • update for mc 1.16.4
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  2. update

    • Added formatting to the /atm balance command 5718d0d
    • Fixed labels in /atm help b4f71d6
  3. update

    Changes regarding the ATM:

    • Switched to UUIDs
    • Added a converter for player names to UUID 5a4c9f5
    • Made ATM messages editable 7dfd5af
    • Fixed ATM-Label in config.yml not reloading after /tim...
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  4. update

    • Added support for 1.16.2 e99b409
    • Improved the ATM: 64c7d60
      This should allow developers to also manage bank accounts in worlds when the player is offline.
      Also, fixed ATM help command and syntax (added opt. world name)
    • Added atm_sign_label to the config.yml, allowing...
  5. update

    - added support for 1.16.1
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  6. update

    • fixed a critical duping issue fae2ef8
    • implemented a new configuration ability b71749f
      The payout message can now be set to only display once when the payout
      limit was reached.
    • fixed fomatting for atm top...
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  7. update

    • fixed balance top order fb8bccc
    • fixed NPE in Metrics class 27441eb
    • fixed atm balance not refreshing when withdrawing money 325c770
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  8. update

    This version includes two minor bug fixes:
    • Fixed config not properly reloading (Commenting out list sections did nothing) #60
    • Fixed total payouts not clearing after a new day begins
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  9. update

    Config additions
    Merging payouts
    Added the configuration option merge-payouts that automatically combines all payouts a player has permission for when enabled.

    Max Multiple Accounts
    This brings the ability to define a maximal number of accounts connected per IP receiving a payout. If that limit is reached, no one...
  10. update

    • updated to mc 1.15 (#45)
    • enhanced afk payout (#43)
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