Time is Money

Earn money for being online!

  1. update

    • updated to mc 1.15 (#45)
    • enhanced afk payout (#43)
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  2. update

    • fixed wall sign ATMs not accessible
    • fixed Metrics NPE
  3. update

    • fixed atm wall signs not placeable (#41)
    • fixed ip's being resolved to hostnames (caused server lags)
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  4. update

    • fixed a major issue with the multi-account check that caused paper servers to hang
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  5. update

    • fixed #38 that threw several NPE's
    • fixed broken material names for the ATM signs
    • fixed 1.14.* action bars implementation
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  6. update

    After a long time, the 1.14.1 update has finally been released.
    This includes:

    • updated functionality for spigot MC 1.14.1
    • fixed a spammy error message when no atm title is set
    • changed the online counter from asynchronous to synchronous due to errors when using async
  7. update

    • fixed wrong package declaration for 1.13.*
      -> Actionsbars should now work again
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  8. update

    • added support for 1.13
    • added support for 1.13.1
  9. update

    • added an error message for unset atm_worth_gradation
    • added version variable for plugin.yml
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  10. update

    * fixed the reloading function:
    - The complete plugin is now reloaded, including changes to money payout interval
    * fixed wrong payout schedule:
    - players were paid out for n + 1 due to bad logic comparison

    thanks to @RadBuilder for maintaining and updating the code on github:
    * general code cleanup
    + added java docs
    + converted project to maven
    and more...