Timed Pay | Limit transactions over a period of time 1.3.1

You can set how many transactions a player can do over a period of time

  1. MrBast
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.16


    With TimedPay you can limit the amount money you send to other players over a period of time.​

    Each player has a set limit on the amount of money they can give to others based on their permission. If the permission is not set for a player or group or they have the permission "timedpay.unlimited" they will not have a daily cap. Multiple limits can be set in the values.yml file; each permission has its own limit, which the player cannot exceed. You can choose the amount of time that passes before the pay limit resets in the config.yml. (Time is in milliseconds)

    values.yml Set your own keys for different limits. (To set a custom limit give the permission "timedpay.<key>")

    config.yml Here you can find some server-only information, check the file for more information.
    messages.yml here you can change in-game messages
    data.yml do not touch this, it is used by the plugin

    %timedpay_time% : returns times left until next reset

    %timedpay_left% : returns money left until next reset

    timedpay.cmd.reload -Reload the plugin. (/payreload)
    timedpay.cmd.time - Check the time left until the cap resets. (/paytime)
    timedpay.cmd.left - Check how much money you can send before the cap reset. (/payleft)
    timedpay.unlimited - The player will have an unlimited cap. timedpay.<key> - Set custom caps for different players. You must create the key in the “values.yml” file first.​

    /payreload - Reload the plugin.
    /payleft - Check how much money you can send before the cap reset.
    /paytime - Check the time left until the cap resets.​

    Essentials, the latest version, or one of the latest version. (tested with EssentialsX 2.19.0-dev+51-e287600, you can download it from https://essentialsx.net/downloads.html)
    To remove the essentials message when a transiction occurs, set moneySentTo= and money RecievedFrom= in Essentials.jar/messages_<locale>.properties

    Special thanks to @Jumpz that helped me a lot to create this plugin, also for the logo and icon. Here you can find some of his projects: http://www.jamesmaguire.xyz/

    For bugs, help and requests you can ask me on discord: Bast#0448
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Recent Reviews

  1. Zainmz
    Version: 1.3
    An interesting and useful money controlling resource, recommended if you want to control excessive payments.
    1. MrBast
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! =)
  2. Jumpz
    Version: 2021-01-16
    Very useful plugin for preventing dupers from ruining the server economy. And a great friendly Dev too.
    1. MrBast
      Author's Response
      Thank you !