Timed Ranks 1.8.0

Ranks that can wear off!

  1. RockyHawk
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    What does this plugin do:
    This plugin runs alongside any permissions plugin and manages Timed Ranks, which are ranks that wear off after a specific amount of time. An admin chooses the amount of time and can set a rank for anyone, they can view the amount of time before their rank will wear off.


    The setup is fairly simple. You will have to ensure the add/remove commands are set up to work with your permissions plugin you want to use with it.

    The commands you type in this will be used to add and remove players from their ranks when they are set and wear off (you won't need to use slashes) (Admin):

    /tedit add <command '/'>
    /tedit remove <command without '/'>

    For example, if you were using PermissionsEX:
    /tedit add pex user %user% group add %rank%
    /tedit remove pex user %user% group remove %rank%

    %rank%: This will be replaced with the rank the user is going to get.
    %user%: This will be replaced with the player's name that will obtain the rank.

    How to use this plugin for your server:

    This plugin is not standalone, you need to have another permissions plugin for this one to work with. It will work with pretty much everything.

    To give 'Steve' a rank, for example, a VIP rank for 7 days, you will enter the following command (Admin):
    /trank VIP Steve 7 days
    /trank <rank> <user> <amount of time> <days/hours/mins>

    The first section is the rank, then the player, the third is the time.
    You can only use 'days', 'hours' and 'mins'.

    You can add and remove time for a player with the following commands:
    /tadd <user> <amount of time> <days/hours/mins>
    /tremove <user> <amount of time> <days/hours/mins>

    To remove a rank early to the wear off date, type (Admin):
    /trank remove <user>

    Listing the users that have Timed Ranks (Admin):
    /trank list

    Checking how much time until a user will lose their rank (Admin):
    /trank <user>

    Members with the timedrank.self permission will be able to use the following command to view how long until their rank will run out:

    Permissions to Commands:

    /tr self
    timedranks.edit: /tedit add <command without '/'>
    timedranks.edit: /tedit remove <command without '/'>
    timedranks.admin: /trank <rank> <user> <time amount> <days/hours/mins>
    timedranks.admin: /trank remove <user>
    timedranks.admin: /trank <user>
    timedranks.admin: /trank list
    timedranks.admin: /tadd <user> <amount of time> <days/hours/mins>
    timedranks.admin: /tremove <user> <amount of time> <days/hours/mins>

    • timedranks.admin: Set, remove and list ranks, things for Admins. Given to OP by default.
    • timedranks.edit: Edit the commands that are used to add and remove ranks. Given to OP by default.
    • timedranks.self: Allows members to view how long their rank will last. This is given by default.
    Join my Support Discord Server for the easiest support:


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Recent Reviews

  1. SkyLinerCZ
    Version: 1.8.0
    Plugin works very fine! Support is really nice and helped me to setup PowerRanks :). I really recommend this plugin!
  2. RaceShafter
    Version: 1.8.0
    Doesnt support Group Manager Sub Groups. Because it just enables one command per enabling or disabling a group. And Groupmanager needs two commands for subgroups. /manselect <world> and then /manuaddsub or /manudelsub. So useless for me. If that gets fixed I will give 5 Stars.
  3. BertikKrob
    Version: 1.8.0
    I have one question. Can you create config where i can translate all text from plugin. I need this for Czech server FireShield because we have players who don't understand english. When you do that i will be excited.
    That's the only thing missing on this plugin.
  4. Kappasan
    Version: 1.8.0
    This plugin is awesome, but I recently pass to groupmanager, what its the config of add and remove for groupmanager?
  5. martmm13
    Version: 1.8.0
    I recommend this plugin. It very nice. If your server need Ranks to set cooldowns this plugon will help you. You can give player a day of rank.
  6. DevelopmentHigh
    Version: 1.8.0
    Please, its so good plugin will be better if you add mysql support, enjoy in reply :)
  7. PoZiomek
    Version: 1.7.3
    I really like this plugin and i searched long time, it's working great but one thing you should add: do, to add more time to player without removing and adding again. Then I will rate 5 stars :>
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, I will have a look into that :)
  8. Tecnomenx
    Version: 1.7.2
    I was looking for this plugin for a long time, its working perfectly in spigot 1.8.8 and using groupmanager or permission ex, I highly recommend it, thanks to the developer for this
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      glad the plugin is working for you
  9. mc.MateryGamyn07
    Version: 1.7.0
    Does de plugin works with GroupManager?
    I downloaded now, so let's see if its works!

    Server IP: mc-wal.net
    > Prison OP
    > SkyBlock
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      Yes, you can edit the add and remove rank command to allow it to work with anything!