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Run scheduled commands

  1. DavidStyler10

    [​IMG] About

    With TimedCommands you can run commands in a loop based on a waiting period.
    The Plugin generates a config file where you can define unlimited commands and set their waiting period in seconds.

    [​IMG] Configuration

    The Configfile is called "config.txt" and is located in the directory "TimedCommands" in your plugin directory.

    Config Format:

    Code (Text):
    #Example Configuration[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=6][SIZE=4]#This will run /save-all every minute

    [​IMG] More to know

    The Plugin starts execution the commands right after the server started.
    There are no ingame commands, the commands are loaded from the config and can be changed with a server reload/restart.
    The Plugin uses one Thread for all commands so there is not much memory usage and the plugin will cause no lags.

Recent Reviews

  1. JavaCoded
    Version: Final
    This plugin made stats updating 5000000x times better with hologram! <3!!!!! thank you good sir!
  2. DomoD
    Version: Final
    Looked like just what I needed, but really it's terrible! Use it for any commands from plugins and it just breakes them..
    For example, i set it to do '/holograms reload' every few minutes as the holograms keep disappearing, but that just made it worse... they disappeared every time the plugin executed the command!
  3. Feruko
    Version: Final
    This plugin will break many many other plugins if you use it for anything such as Citizens, or reloading other plugins. It will cause errors and it has to do with the Java being poorly constructed. Starting with their package names. And then continuing with arbitrary unspecified asynchronous execution.
  4. mcmonkey
    Version: Final
    Programmed absolutely terribly. DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN. It creates errors with most commands due to random threads being used. Also, look at the source code - it's a wreck :( not even a valid package name :(
  5. UnstoppableDelta
    Version: Final
    The plugin does exactly what it said on the tin, however there is room for improvement,

    i'd like confirmation in console as to when it runs a command, here's an example:
    I use a database for my PEX, i told this plugin to run "pex reload" every 120 seconds, i'm not seeing it in console.

    Additionally, running multiple commands at the same time would be useful, and perhaps a -d for delay argument between commands (In seconds .0)

    Thanks for this resource.
  6. Sammie
    Version: Final
    Can you make it so that even if the command can't be run by console and by a player only.. can you bypass that?
    1. DavidStyler10
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the review!
      I dont really know what you mean. Can you give me an example where this is needed?
  7. iBrady
    Version: Final
    Nice plugin and very useful! I love this plugin and its easy to set-up! Thanks for making this !! :)