TimeGuard 2.2.1

[MC-1.11.2] Total played time & set time requirements for worlds!

  1. kraken_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Calculates, displays total played time & lets ops set time requirements for worlds.
    TimeGuard features the ability to record and display total played time on the server (after plugin installation). You can even set worlds to require a minimum number of played hours (x24 for days) to teleport into. TimeGuard now catches all player teleports!

    Displays your total played time in chat.​
    <add> <name> <hours>
    Set world "name" to require "hours" of played time to enter.​
    <remove> <name>
    Set world "name" to have no timeguard requirements.​
    <vet> <add/remove> <player>
    Adds or removes "veteran" status, which exempts players from timeguards.​
    /goto <name>
    Teleports you to [x:0, z:0] @ world "name" if you meet the world's minimum required played hours, or have veteran/exempt status.​

    TimeGuard on GitHub: https://github.com/randallarms/timeguard

    Do you want to help us improve this plugin? You can! Everyone is welcome to contribute on GitHub by utilizing the Flow to "fork" their own version, make changes (commits), and submit this updated "branch" as a "pull request" to be considered for merging with the master branch (the release version plugin).

    Please feel free to voice criticism to better the project, as well. Got a problem? Bug, glitch, complaint? Visit the Issues page and let me know, please: https://github.com/randallarms/timeguard/issues
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