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Make a wholly custom month, day, and time system for your server!

  1. TheTealViper
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    • 1.14
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    Requested by @Override

    Spigot is terrible at showing gifs properly so preview of plugin is: https://imgur.com/zGsuASZ.gif
    In this example, the day's length is set to 20 seconds and night consumes 3/4 of it.
    Purpose: TimeOverride is meant to be a free plugin that allows you to not only override your servers original pace of time, but create a wholly custom sense of time altogether. Want days that are 4x longer than the nights? Want no nights at all perhaps (not recommended as day to day animation looks odd)? Want your server to match the day of the irl host? Wow you can do all that wild huh.


    • Java 11. This means NOT java 8. If I get one more person telling me a plugin is broke because THEY aren't using the most up to date and supported java version I'm going to have a mental breakdown. Please stop doing this. Update yourself. Get some help.
    • That's it. All I ask of you is you use the most up to date version of java. If you launch my plugin and an error pops up saying you're compiler version is 52 and I'm using 55, you better not come to me. Turn to your host and you tell them hey bucko, update your amazonian, barbaric tech. That's showbiz baby.
    Test Servers:
    • I have none yet. This is awkward.

    ⟿ BossBar: Display a custom message with the time over a bossbar!
    ⟿ Custom Months: Make custom months including amount and name, along with how many days are in each month.
    ⟿ Custom Hours and Minutes: Do you want a day to have 3 seconds and an hour pass every 1 second? You can do that (but why would you ya freak).
    ⟿ Custom Day/Night Start: Do you want your in-game days to consist of 85% daytime and only 15% nighttime? Well, you can do that. So yeah good chat?
    ⟿ In-Game Light Cycle Matches Custom Time: If you set your custom days to last 5 seconds, guess what your in-game sun is going to be hauling a** across the sky. The sun/moon light cycle will automagically match whatever wild custom timing system you've come up with.

    ⟿ /timeoverride getoffset - Perm: "timeoverride.getoffset" - This command is the only one in the plugin and will likely only be used once if at all. It basically gives you information which you need to put into the config.yml to sync up your server time with irl time wherever the host is located.

    [​IMG] Read the config.yml. Literally all you have to do. Don't be a dumb-dumb. Feel free to ask me questions on discord, however.

    I'm just a poor, poor, aerospace engineering college student. This is just a hobby. You have no need to give me money. However, if you wish to help pay for my overpriced books and classes, that would be extremely appreciated.
    -_- https://paypal.me/AaronSkeels -_-

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  1. xoverridex
    Version: 1.14.4.a.1
    It works properly, has everything I need, really a fundamental resource for Roleplay servers!

    I really thank TheTealViper for this.
    1. TheTealViper
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! If you have any suggestions or find any bugs reach out over discord @TheTealViper#2424