TimerAPI (for Developers) 1.0.1

A small easy-to-use Timer API for Spigot-Plugins

  1. RealRivex
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    • 1.14
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    • 1.16
    This is a simple API for Developers.

    Add it to your own Plugin via Build-Path, and use it.

    If you added it, you can use followed methods:

    Code (Text):
    TimerAPI.startTimer(startTime, shownMessage);
    starts a timer, shown in the Actionbar of all online players.
    if the timer is already started, nothing happens.
    startTime means the time at which the timer starts, in seconds.
    shownMessage is the String that is shown before the time. like:
    shownMessage : timer

    Code (Text):

    stops the timer.

    if the Timer isn't started, it does nothing.

    Code (Text):

    returns the current time in the given format. format is: hours:minutes:seconds

    Code (Text):

    returns the actual time in seconds. if not started, it returns null.

    feel free to use it in any private plugin. In public plugins you can use it, if you credit me somewhere in the Description :)

    have fun

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