TimoCloud - The most intelligent cloud system 5.5.0

Powerful open source server management system

  1. TimoCrafter
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    TimoCloud is now free and Open Source! Have a look at the GitHub repository!


    TimoCloud is a Minecraft server/proxy management system ("Cloud System"). It will care about keeping online enough servers/proxies of every kind. But it's more than that. Thank to its algorithms, you'll never have to care again about servers or resources. TimoCloud automatically chooses servers with low CPU usage and enough available RAM to start your instances. And its integrated Flow-System makes updating templates easier than ever before: Edit one file in a server template, and the update will automatically be deployed to all bases (a.k.a. "Wrapper"). But of course, only the changed files will get updated.

    • Automatic and dynamic starting of Minecraft servers and BungeeCord proxies - depending on the current online player amount.
    • Automatic and dynamic selection of a virtual machine (server) with enough available resources for an instance which is getting started.
    • Powerful API, synchronized over your whole network in real-time.
    • High efficiency: TimoCloud cares a lot about efficiency: While using powerful software such as screen and Netty, it is trying to keep your servers' resource usage as little as possible
    • Multi-Root: Use one TimoCloudCore instance in combination with as many bases (a.k.a. "Wrapper") as you want.
    • Multi-Proxy: TimoCloud is standalone and does not only start Bukkit/Spigot servers for you, but also BungeeCord proxies
    • Beautiful, live-updating sign system: Use the integrated server join sign system to let players access all your servers. Signs are dynamic - that means only free servers will be displayed - and can be animated.
    • Automatic template synchronization: Place your server/proxy templates in a folder on the Core, and TimoCloud will care about synchronizing them with every base which is in need of them
    • Included proxy: Use the included proxy, TimoCloudCord, to spread your players over your BungeeCord proxies.
    You can find the full documentation, including information about setup, on our Wiki. You can open a ticket by writing an email to [email protected]. You can also join our Discord.

Recent Reviews

  1. alzdoesmc
    Version: 5.5.0
    Could not have asked for a better “cloud” system. Why reinvent the wheel to solve a common problem when a perfectly good solution is sitting right in front of you? I’m not exaggerating when I say “perfectly” because it really is. The best part has to be the management side—the templates and ingame commands makes it easy to update servers and restart them all within a couple clicks. Plus TimoCloud spins up servers when games go ingame or are marked full or unavailable. Thereby always allowing players to play any game at any time! A must have for anyone wanting to have the best mini game experience or anyone wanting to balance loads easier. Also loving the new 6.0 beta!
  2. Shaytir
    Version: 5.4.1
    An excellent cloud system, as for me, is one of the best. The first time it was difficult to configure, but if you start to think logically and read the entire manual, then from 3 times I configured everything correctly.
    There was a problem starting the servers on the same ports, but writing to the Discord server helped me solve the problem.
    Great free product and great free support!
  3. NxtLinx
    Version: 5.4.1
    Eine sehr Gute und schöne Cloud.

    Trotzdem würde es mich Interessieren wie man einen MC Server starten lassen kann über die Cloud Konsole könnten Sie mir villeicht helfen oder besser gesagt beschreiben wie es funktioniert geschweigenden erklären wie es aufgebaut ist.


    NxtLinx aka Leon
  4. MaxderzockerLP
    Version: 5.4.1
    Richtig gute Cloud!
    Alles was man braucht, und es Funktioniert auch!
    Meiner Meinung nach besser als CloudNet.
  5. Queleman
    Version: 5.4.1
    Echt Top CloudSystem! Schnelles Support,leicht einzustellen und ganz tolle Features eingebaut worden.
    Wird weiter Empfohlen!
    Liebe Grüße
  6. trbhtrhger
    Version: 5.4.1
    Ehren support Ehre Cloud die beste cloud die ich bis jz getestet/hatte Vielen Dank Für Die Gute Cloud
    1. TimoCrafter
      Author's Response
      Gerne, und danke für die Bewertung :)
  7. LPmitSimon
    Version: 5.4.1
    Wie kann ich denn einen Server stoppen?
    1. TimoCrafter
      Author's Response
      „restart NAME“ im Core eingeben :)

      Weitere Fragen werden gerne im Discord beantwortet.
  8. snap20lp
    Version: 5.4.1
    CloudNet is bessa
    1. TimoCrafter
      Author's Response
      Könntest du bitte eine Bewertung mit Begründung abgeben? Mich würde interessieren, was du an Cloudnet besser findest :)
      Abgesehen davon kann ein System nicht an sich schlecht bewertet werden, nur weil ein anderes besser ist? Sollen denn alle TimoCloud User CloudNet schlecht bewerten und sagen „TimoCloud ist besser“?
  9. SteveaggroYT
    Version: 5.4.1
    Das CloudSystem ist nicht schlecht, aber immer wenn ich versuche den Proxy zu starten, hängt er sich nach kurzer Zeit auf. NEIN es liegt nicht an RAM, Prozessor usw. Er hängt auch, wenn ich den Rest stoppe.
    Bitte beheben dann gibts 5 Sterne!
  10. KranKan
    Version: 5.4.1
    Timocloud, one of the best if not the best Minecraft server cloud. I've been testing this cloud for almost a week and have been as good as 0 problems (except for the 1-2, which make up my stupidity). TimoCloud works with all types of servers, whether it's a minigame network that requires 3 proxies and ~ 1000 servers, or CityBuild, which only needs 1-3 servers. Timocloud is a cloud that has the potential to be at the top of the game. It's clear and easy to use and has a fantastic setup system. The best thing about Timocloud is, in my opinion, the support, bugs will solved very quickly and the 24/7 support is fantastic. (when a team member is online) The best of all is that the is cloud open source, so anyone can give the cloud its own charm! Conclusion: Take them or do not make an MC network.
    1. TimoCrafter
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)