TimoCloud - The most intelligent cloud system 6.2.1

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  1. 6.2.0: Major update

    Hi everyone,
    After one year of beta testing, TimoCloud version 6 is finally being released!
    It contains tons of changes, here are the most important ones:
    • Way more efficient: The internal communication has been revised a lot to improve performance greatly.
    • Extended API: Async API methods have been added to offer all features that are available via command (e.g. creating & editing groups, accessing server & proxy log files) via API.
    • Improved security: TimoCloud now uses RSA & AES encryption for all internal communication between Core, Base, servers & proxies.
    • Many bugs fixed
    • Easier setup
    The general structure & configuration stays the same, so upgrading is quite easy. Check out the Wiki. For questions, please join our Discord channel.

    The existing API methods generally stay the same. However, many of the classes have been converted into interfaces, so you will have to compile your code again against the new API (version 6.2.0).

    Have a happy new year!

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