TipBlocks 1.8

Server Information made easy!

  1. 0ct0ber
    Want to inform your players about their commands or permissions, but don't want to build a whole info room? Need to make important info or helpful tips quick and easy? Or maybe you just want to give people a link to the information page, or other useful pages online?

    When you ask yourself these questions, and any of the answers come out to be "YES", then TipBlocks is for you!

    With TipBlocks, you can set a block to be designated for tips! When a player right-clicks a TipBlock, They read random messages set in the config on the spot! If you want to further simplify things, you can even run a tellraw message, allowing players to click on a message to warp them to a better information room, or give them a link to a page online.

    •Random messages in configuration
    •Run console commands (tellraw, etc)
    •Configurable delays
    •Coordinate and World checks
    •Player name insertion

    This is my first plugin, and I plan on improving it and updating frequently. Suggestions, tips (lol) comments and constructive criticism are all appreciated!