TIS (Team Information System) 2015-06-20

better communication with your team

  1. Clive128
    Plugin wich supports you to communicate with your team for general Information.

    Place a Sign and write in the wirst row [TIS] and in the other rows your information. Every team member (has the permissions), wich join/is online on the server get an information that new information exits. Every Sign gets an unique ID. With this id you can retrieve the text on the sign or you can teleport you to your sign.

    • /tistext [id] - get the text on a sign
    • /tistp [id] - teleports you to a sign
    • /tisid - current ID
    • tis.read - get a notification/can use text command
    • tis.tp - teleport command
    • tis.write - create a TIS sign
    Put the jar in your plugin folder.

    comming soon...