TitleEssentials 1.3

All new titles (Tab,Titles,Actionbar) in one plugin!!!

  1. OfirTIM
    Title Essentials
    Made By OfirTIM

    have you ever wanted a plugin that has all the new stuff from 1.8?
    like the /title? or the tab header and footer? or the new actionbar?!

    well i give you it! for free!


    /te - all credits and plugin version!
    /te help - all the commands you can use at the plugin!
    /te reload - Reloading the plugin config.yml
    /te permissions - all permissions of the plugin!
    /te actionbarbc <message> - broadcasting a message at the actionbar!
    /te titlebc <message> - broadcasting a message at the title!


    TitleEssentials.Broadcast.title - the bypass to broadcast at the title!
    TitleEssentials.Broadcast.actionbar - the bypass to broadcast at the actionbar!
    TitleEssentials.Reload - the bypass to reload the config.yml!

    Cool Features
    if you are reloading the server or reloading the plugin the tab will be change instantly!
    the Title and the actionbar both has ChatColor System! that means you can use the '&' thing!
    when player join, you can set for him a title on join! of course there are for first join and for join again titles!
    you can allow titles, actionbar's and tab header and footer in the config.yml

    Code (Text):
        Prefix: '&8[&a&lTitleEssentials&8]'
        NoPermission Message: '&4you dont have permission to use this command!'
        Allow: true
        Header: '&a&lTitleEssentials &7TabChanger'
        Footer: '&4Made by OfirTIM!'
        Allow: true
        FirstJoinTitle: '&c&lWelcome to &a&lthis server!'
        FirstJoinSubTitle: '&7&lEnjoy! plugin made by &4OfirTIM'
        JoinAgainTitle: '&c&lWelcome back <player>!'
        JoinAgainSubTitle: '&7&lto &a&lthis server!'

    Soon there will be permium version of this plugin with moving tab and automatic actionbar broadcaster!
    and dont forget titles too ;)

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Instance Casting

Recent Reviews

  1. Fondant
    Version: 1.3
    the plugin actually worked! i just tryed it on my server: haypvp.mygs.co and it is working. and it is very usefull
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      Thank you!