TitleJoin 1

Welcome all players with a lovely title greeting!

  1. Exus-Kun
    TitleJoin is a simple awesome plugin to provide a nice, warm welcoming to new players and players that have played before.

    On the join of a player, if he has played before, "MessageTitle" would be ran and it would run the line of code you provided. For example, "Welcome back, &b&player%" would show a text in the middle of their screen saying "Welcome Back, &bExusKun" (The person who joins will see their name).

    enable-subtitle-welcome & enable-subtitle-welcomeback are both the under text of the title, so if welcomeback was "true", it would show this:
    and if it is "false", it would show this:

    Sorry for the sloppy showcase, I will improve it a bit later after I've updated a couple of other plugins

Recent Reviews

  1. RipsawYT
    Version: 1
    Doesnt even load, Author gives no support, very sad as this is a good idea for a plugin. Review will be deleted when support is given.
  2. SuperSniper
    Version: 1
    Good plugin :)
    1. Exus-Kun
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate!