TitleManager 2.1.3

A Spigot plugin for sending titles and setting the header and footer of the player list.

  1. Puharesource
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Puharesource, Wundero
    A Spigot plugin for sending titles and setting the header and footer of the player list.

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    TitleManager adds floating messages, a header/footer for your player list and a scoreboard sidebar. TitleManager also provides you with a rich API that you can harness in your own plugins.

    JavaDocs: https://jitpack.io/com/github/Puharesource/TitleManager/-SNAPSHOT/javadoc/
    Source Code / GitHub: https://github.com/Puharesource/TitleManager

    Gradle repository:
    Code (Java):
    maven {
        name 'Puharesource'
        url 'https://repo.puha.io/repo/'
    Gradle dependency:
    Code (Java):
    compile group: 'io.puharesource.mc', name: 'TitleManager', version: '2.0.0'
    Maven repository:
    Maven dependency:

Recent Reviews

  1. Jonsxoxo
    Version: 2.1.3
    Comes with a Featherboard, Floating messages, and TabList formatting all for FREE. Amazing plugin, would give more than 5 stars.
  2. canayaz
    Version: 2.1.3
  3. ZamanPvpNetwork
    Version: 2.1.3
    nice add-on, congratulations
    only the tab system is corrupted, sometimes showing different server names
    can you re-code it?
    I didn't see such problems in different tab extensions
    sorry for my bad english
  4. craftdan
    Version: 2.1.3
    A good plugin with great benefits - just one flaw.

    To begin - the great part about TitleManager is that it supports colour and gives players a pleasant welcome to your server. The configuration is quite easy to work with, and gives a very professional first impression when properly set up. Thank you so much Puharesource, for putting the time and effort into this plugin and distributing it for free. I very much appreciate your work, please take the following as constructive criticism only.

    The flaw; is that you are limited to only (roughly) 20 characters on your subtitle for when the player logs onto the server. Ideally - I would like to use the subtitle to advertise the servers website, Discord and other information upon login, but I am limited; as the subtitle start and end are hidden outside of the game window. A potential fix to this could be to add multi-line subtitle support.

    I must stress that this is a good plugin and I do recommend it! As soon as there is a solution found for what I have mentioned, I will certainly change this rating to 5 stars!
  5. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: 2.1.3
    PlaceholdersAPI dont work am use %server_tps% download a papi Server and nothing am use Paper 1.13.2
  6. NexoNixxx
    Version: 2.1.3
    Very Good. The animations are also great! Thanks for this plugin. There are also some good placeholders.
  7. AlexW
    Version: 2.1.3
    Ver very good plugin!! Can you make more placeholders pls! And a playtime plugin for Bungeecord und for the scoreboard placeholders! THX Rlly godd plugin no errors
  8. SladeHazard
    Version: 2.1.3
    please add support for 1.13 dosent work on 1.13 when u relog it disables ss
  9. BendikNorway
    Version: 2.1.3
    Will not work on 1.13.1 server.. when u relog the plugin will get disable..
    and no support..
  10. Disfracus...
    Version: 2.1.3
    Probability add scoreaboard perworld? And desactive un worlds ? I hace problem on OITB the active the scoreboard forma OITB is crasheable in circunstancies