TitleManager 2.1.3

A Spigot plugin for sending titles and setting the header and footer of the player list.

  1. 2.1.3 - 1.13.1 support

    + 1.13.1 support
  2. 2.1.2

    * Fixed memory leak
  3. Scoreboard title text length increased for 1.13 + Performance improvements

    * Changed scoreboard title text length limit from 32 to unlimited for 1.13 and above.
    * Performance improvements
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  4. 1.13 Support

    + Added 1.13 support

    * Made scoreboard numbers start at 1
  5. 2.0.9 - Bug fixes

    * Fixed 1.7 client support
    * Updated the update checker to the new spigot web api
    * Fixed announcer animations

    + Added repeat script, to increase the stay time for actionbar messages. Usage: ${repeat:[stay]My message} where stay is the stay time in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second).
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  6. 2.0.8 - Scoreboard toggle and MUCH more!

    + /tm sb toggle command to toggle the scoreboard on and off. (Permission node: titlemanager.command.scoreboard)
    + MVdWPlaceholderAPI support
    + Player list speed options
    + Scoreboard speed options
    + Prevent duplicate packets options (to save bandwidth)
    + Added locale for time and future placeholders

    * Fixed bungeecord online players duplication bug
    * Updated Kotlin version to kotlin-stdlib-jre8 version 1.1.3-2
    * Fixed scoreboard toggle command
    * Fixed the removeScoreboard method

    FOR HELP...
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  7. 2.0.7 - 1.12 Support + Bug fixes

    1.12 Support
    FactionsFly compatibility
    Various bug fixes
  8. 2.0.6 - Fixed an issue with subtitle animations

    Fiexd an issue with subtitle animations
  9. Fixed scoreboard again (now there should be no issues joining the server)

    Sometimes people would be unable to join the server, if the scoreboard was enabled, this should be fixed now.
  10. 2.0.4 - Forgot to remove debug messages

    Forgot to remove debug messages that spam the console when using-bungeecord is enabled in the config file.