TitleStats 1.8 v.1.1

Plugin that shows player statistics by Titles!

  1. LuisGerdez
    Plugin that shows player statistics by Titles! When executing a command. Configurable messages! Only works for 1.8 servers!

    /stats - (titlestats.view) - View statistics.
    /stats reload - (titlestats.reload) - Reload the plugin
    /stats info - (titlestats.view) - Main Command plugin that displays information such as the list command, version, and author.

    This plugin requires to run the Skript, skRayFall-1.3 and WildSkript. This dependencies are installed automatically when put "Title Stats 1.8.jar" in the plugin folder of your server. Yes no problem with the automatic installation of dependencies you can download it manually from:

    Installing this plugin is very simple, just follow these steps correctly:

    1.- Download file "TitleStats 1.8.jar" and paste it in the plugin folder of your server. Dependencies are automatically installed. If you have problems with the automatic installation of the units go to the DEPENDENCIES section. If this does not solve your problem please contact the author of the plugin.
    2.- Restart your server to recognize the downloaded plugin. Then reboot again to automatically install the dependencies!
    3.- You enjoy the plugin!

    Mysql config
    1.- Open the plugins folder of your server and go to "plugins/Skript/config.sk" (Open file .sk with Notepad++)
    2.- Go to line 175 and edit the values.


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    Code (Text):
    Kills: '§c§lKills'
    Deaths: '§4§lDeaths'
    BreakBlock: '§e§lBreak Blocks'
    PlaceBlock: '§a§lPlace Blocks'


    When you run the command /stats player name appears durantes 2 seconds before the statistics appear!

    Kills Stats

    Deaths Stats

    Break Blocks Stats

    Place Block Stats


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    Version: v.1.1
    Perfect Plugin!! Author gives fast and amazing support!
    Plugin its lightweight! 0 console errors!
    Just Amazing Plugin<3
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    Version: v.1.1
    Fonctionne pas, inutile, emcombrent, virus ;/
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    Version: v. 1.0
    Good plugin the Best :D wowww