TNT ban (with extra sweetness) 1.0

Turn TNTs into lovely cakes which whispers the sounds of Death!

  1. ZeroSanzo
    Banning TNT is no fun. But what if it could be fun?

    In servers where TNTs are banned:

    Place TNT - TNT magically returns to your inventory - :(


    Nope, no explosions guaranteed! ^

    Worry not! I got a super simple solution to make banning of TNTs ; a fun thing to do in your server! :)

    A simple yet creative way of banning TNTs in a nice, ka-wa-ii-desu way where everyone wins! Hey, we get FREE CAKES for placing TNTs plus some eerie whispers from angry souls of minecraft mob entities! How bad is that? :D

    Surprise your players with cakes that whispers the angry souls of minecraft mob entities!

    How I can haz free cakes?

    • Place TNT
    • Magical Cake appears
    • some creepy sounds
    • Hunger bar is filled leaving a happy smile ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Possumandfriends
    Version: 1.0
    This has to be the best way to ban TNT.
    At least give the griefers that craft the TNT a reason to do so, and why not give them cake to say:
    "No hard feelings, but you can't grief."