*TNT Bows!* 1.4

Launch TnT Arrows!

  1. fillpant

    Showcase of the plugin was made voluntarily by PlatinumPurge I think this guy deserves a thumbs up!

    Tnt bows is a plugin allowing you to shoot arrows with tnts! When an arrow hits the ground, it spawns a tnt,

    It allows secondary plugins like worldguard, Factions ect. to handle the tnts in their region so you dont have to worry about damage =)
    This plugin was originally made for outrageouspvp.net a fun PvP server.



    tnt.shootAllow a player to use TnT Bow.
    tnt.craftAllow a player to craft a TnT shooting bow.

    How to craft:


    Add world guard feature to disalow players to shoot in regions
    Add bow command
    Add more durability to items (default 20 uses)]
    Add option allowing uset to select if he/she wants a delay before tnt explosion
    Make fully customisable.

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.4
    very good works fine haven't found any errors but there is 1 bug i found if your bow is damaged and you try to make the tnt bow it wont work if you fix that i will change my review to 5 stars