TNT Cannon Gadget 1.0

TNT-Throwing Lobby Gadget!

  1. Devyn02
    Welcome all to my new plugin, TNT Cannon. TNT Cannon is a plugin that allows you to type /tnt and activate a mode called "TNT Mode". When in this "TNT Mode", you have the ability throwing the TNT in your inventory by simply punching(/left clicking).

    PLEASE NOTE: This DOES make the area explode; I will remove this if wanted in an upcoming feature. (Of course you can always enable TNT protection in essentials' configuration file)

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Download TNTCannon.jar
    2. Stop your server (optional)
    3. Drag and Drop/Upload TNTCannon.jar to your plugins folder (located at root/plugins)
    4. Give your chosen rank that you want to have access to do this the permission node "tnt.throw"
    5. Start your server if stopped previously; If not, reload your server
    6. Whoolah! Installed!
    Upcoming Features:
    • No environmental explosion damage (configurable in config.yml)
    • Change velocity of TNT (configurable in config.yml)
    Message me any other features you would like to see added to this plugin!

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexBro
    Version: 1.0
    Good idea! I have a few tips. 1. When I write /tnt command, I get in gear tnt block and I can throw it. 2. Add small blocks of tnt and Rainbow particle effects after the explosion. 3. Add the cooldown for tnt commands.