TnT Regen [Jack29] 1.4.1

Regen TnT, Creeper, Wither, Wither Skulls, & Ghast Block Damage

  1. Jackalantern29
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    The TnTRegen plugin will allow blocks that were destroyed from TnTs, Creepers, Withers/Wither Skulls, & Ghasts' Fireballs to be able to regenerate. Easy to configure & no need to reload after doing a change (With the exception of the "enablePlugin" value). Designed on 1.13, supports 1.14.

    • Regenerate blocks that were destroyed from:
      • TnTs
      • Creepers,
      • Withers
      • Wither Skulls
      • Ghast's Fireballs
    • Enable/Disable which explosion types can regenerate
    • Configure the delayX value for how long to wait before the regen progress starts & the periodX value for how often a block will regenerate.
    • Configure which worlds blocks can regenerate & between which Y coords.
    • Configure the particle for visual appearance when a block regenerated.
    • Add/Configure which blocks should not be regenerate & it's drop chance.
    • Values changed in the config will automatically take effect. No need to reload. The exception to this is the "enablePlugin" value.
    • Automatically imports a missing config option (Useful if there are updates containing new options available in the config).
    # Changes to 'enablePlugin' will require the plugin to be reloaded.
    # -
    # delay value is the ticks waiting until the blocks starts to regenerate
    # period value is the ticks waiting for each individual blocks regenerating
    # 20 Ticks = 1 Seconds
    # -
    # Add your worlds under the 'words:' list options to allow blocks to regenerate in those worlds
    # -
    # TnTs' & Creepers' explosion meeting a trigger circumstance will permanently do block damage (blocks will not regen)
    # -
    # Visit for a list of particles to use from (not case sensitive here)
    enablePlugin: true

    enableTnTRegen: true
    enableCreeperRegen: true
    enableWitherRegen: true
    enableWitherSkullRegen: true
    enableGhastRegen: true
    instantRegen: false
    disableExplosionBlockDamage: false
    enableParticles: true
    delayTnT: 1200
    periodTnT: 20

    delayCreeper: 1200
    periodCreeper: 20

    delayWither: 1200
    periodWither: 20

    delayWitherSkull: 1200
    periodWitherSkull: 20

    delayGhast: 1200
    periodGhast: 20

    particle: heart
    - world​

    minY: 0.0
    maxY: 256.0​

    chance: 30​

    If you have any questions to ask, feedbacks & ideas to share, or issues/errors to report, let me know here or on discord (Username: Jackalantern29 (NA)#2165).

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Recent Reviews

  1. Minestick
    Version: 1.4.1
    This is just what I'm looking for! Since creeperheal has not been updated for years, and this is the only regeneration plugin that can do its job without issues, such as "swallowing" blocks inside the pits. Thanks for all the hard works!

    Besides, what does the "blocks:" value at the end of the configuration file do?
    1. Jackalantern29
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. To answer your question, the "blocks:" at the end of the config file is a configuration section that leads into the material type, which is a configuration section, which leads into options available to configure that block (Currently only "chance"). This way is used as a way to do a blacklist for blocks that will be ignored by the regeneration & will instead drop. You can look at the Default Config spoiler on this resource to see an example (I did just now updated it as the format was not applied which made it look wrong).
  2. LeEdward
    Version: 1.3 - 10/2/2018
    Could you implement a wither explosion regen as well? Otherwise, this is a great plugin.
    1. Jackalantern29
      Author's Response
      Late reply, but thank you for the idea. I've went ahead and uploaded a new update that supports wither explosions, wither skulls explosions, & ghast explosions which can all be configured in the config file.
  3. sfBanjo
    Version: 1.3 - 10/2/2018
    Finally! I was looking for an alternative to CreeperHeal for 1.13!
    This plugin works 101% and the feedback from the author is simply great!
    Few hours and some problems and ideas are solved and applied!
    N° 1!
  4. Peebbong
    Version: 1.1 - 09/30/2018
    Thanks for TNT Regen Plugin. Nice Good Regen Plugin. Nice Recomnend Plugin. Good Job!