TnT Regen [Jack29] 2.6.1

Regenerate blocks damaged from explosives from both entities & blocks.

  1. TnT Regen 2.5.2 Update - Items Duplication Glitch Fixed

    • Fixed a duplication bug which involves placing a chest down in an area which will be regenerating, followed by filling it with items.
    • Updated /rparticle & /rsound
      • Both commands now supports configuring blocks.
      • New optional sub commands for both commands:
        • /<command> [entity|block] [type] [page]
        • This will open the gui inventory of the commands to a specific page based on the sub commands used.
      • Fixed an issue where if multiple players were trying to use the /rparticle or /rsound gui inventory at the same time, it would get buggy.
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