TnT Regen [Jack29] 2.6.1

Regenerate blocks damaged from explosives from both entities & blocks.

  1. TnT Regen 2.3.1 Update

    2.3.1 Update:
    • Fixed an issue where "NoPermMsg" setting would not generated in the config, causing an error to occur if the player doesn't have permission to use /rparticle or /rsound.
    2.3 Update:
    • Updated Particles
      • "blockRegen" particles for blocks when regenerated
      • NEW "blockToBeRegen" particles for blocks waiting to be regenerated
    • Added 2 new commands
      • /rparticle - Opens Inventory menu to configure both particles & toggle
        • Permission: tntregen.command.rparticle
      • /rsound - Opens Inventory menu to configure sound, pitch, volume, & toggle
        • Permission: tntregen.command.rsound
    • Tested & Working on SpigotMC 1.15 & Paper 1.15
    If you run into any issues or have any suggestions you would like to contribute, feel free to add me on discord: Jackalantern29 (NA)#2165
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