TnT Regen [Jack29] 2.6.1

Regenerate blocks damaged from explosives from both entities & blocks.

  1. TnT Regen 2.4 Update

    • Updated the Config
      • Config will now generate entities that can explode.
      • More options available for each entity types that can explode
        • Now support sounds & particles for each entity.
        • Triggers now also included for each entity.
    • blocks.yml file
      • Blocks that are containers (such as chests) will now properly generate the 'saveItems' option.
      • Blocks that can have the same data will now carry over the same properties when replaced (example: corner cobblestone stairs -> corner oak stairs) as opposed to before when sometimes it couldn't
    • Updated /rparticles & /rsounds to support configuration of each entity types.
    • Added new command /rconfig
      • This will reload the config.yml & blocks.yml
      • Any changes made to the config.yml or blocks.yml will no longer automatically take into effect. Use /rconfig to mke any changes made effective.
    • Fixed an issue where when the plugin enables, there would be a chance for errors to occur.
    • Fixed an issue where it would be possible for the console to spam errors when certain blocks has exploded/regenerated.
    • Fixed blocks that were 2 blocks tall that had a chance to still drop & regenerate incorrectly.
    • Fixed beds that had a chance to still drop & regenerate incorrectly.
    • Fixed pistons that had a chance to still drop.
    • Removed support for the lightning particle.

    If you have any issues, or want to share your feedback with me, feel free to add me on discord: Jackalantern29 (NA)#2165
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