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TNT Removal 0.2

Kicks players when placing TNT!

  1. Payton0005
    Have you ever wanted to kick a player when they place TNT? Well now you can! What this plugin does when someone places TNT it will remove the TNT. Make the player say I just placed TNT. Then will kick them saying "You have been kicked for placing a banned item."

    Future Updates:
    More items added to the list

    Change Log for v0.2:

    Added permission tntremoval.tm
    Added command /tntremoval

Recent Reviews

  1. JordyPwner
    Version: 0.1
    Ive looked at youre source and it has alot of wrong code in it. If you watched tutorials from: Pogostick29Dev and/or Bcbroz please quit. They might be good in coding but they are coding so wrongly. And to add items just make a config and add a stringlist that people can add there own items.
    1. Payton0005
      Author's Response
      Can you tell me what I did wrong?