TnTBow [Customizable] 1.0.1

TnTBow is an ideal Donator Perk for Factions Servers

  1. pramsing
    This adds TnTBows to your server. Everything is very customizable.
    Ideal as Donator Perk on Factions servers.

    I am also very open to ideas/suggestions and I will assist you with any problems you may have with the plugin.

    Servers using this plugin:
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    Message me and I'll add your server to the list if you're using it.

    • Spawn in TnTBows with commands or other kit plugins.
    • Customizable name and lore of TnTBows.
    • All messages are customizable.
    • Custom fuse time.
    • Craftable with permissions.
    • Optional particle trail.
    • Possibility to excecute commands and send messages when a person crafts a bow.
    • Permissions for every feature.
    • Customizable bow cooldown and permissions to bypass cooldown.

    A TnTBow can be crafted if you have the permission "tntbow.craft" with the following recipe


    # being a TnT.
    @ being a bow.
    This recipe cannot currently be changed!

    Option to have particles spawning with tnt shot by the TnTBow.
    The only currently supported particle is the Hearts effect.
    I plan to add more very soon.

    tntbow.spawn - Access to /tntbow (spawns in a TnTBow).
    tntbow.craft - Access to craft a TnTBow.
    tntbow.use - Be able to shoot TnT using TnTBows.
    tntbow.bypasscooldown - Bypass the cooldown of using a TnTBow.
    tntbow.dontneedtnt - Do not need TnT to be able to use the bow, even if it is enabled in the config!

    # Name and Lore : Only bows with this Name and Lore can shoot TnT, any other bow show will be normal Arrows. Name and Lore will be set on all bows spawned with /tntbow and any bow crafted with the recipe.
    # RequireTNT : If set to true: Require the player to have TNT in their inventory or the shot will be canceled. If set to false: shoot even if they do not have TNT (Please note that, players must always have an arrow in their inventory to be able to use the bow.)
    # FuseTime : FuseTime is in ticks! (20 ticks per second), this is how long it takes from when the tnt is shot untill it explodes.
    # Cooldown : Cooldown is in miliseconds (1000 miliseconds in a second). This is how the player must wait before using the bow again after a shot. (this can be bypassed with the needed permission)
    # Durability : Durability cannot be higher than 385 and not less than 1. 385 = full durability. This only applies to crafted bows. /tntbow will spawn with full durability.


    Name: "&4TnT Bow"
    Lore: "&cFire with &4TnT!"
    RequireTNT: true
    FuseTime: 30
    Cooldown: 5000
    Durability: 385
    Enabled: true
    Message: "&4[&cTNTBOW&4] &4%name% &ccrafted a TnT Bow!"
    Enabled: false
    Command: "bc &c%name% crafted a TnT Bow!"
    NotAllowedToUseTnTBow: "&cYou're not allowed to use this bow."
    CooldownMessage: "&cYou must wait &4%TimeLeft% &cseconds between each shot."
    NotAllowedToSpawnTnTBow: "&cYou're not allowed to use this command."
    NotAllowedToCraftTnTBow: "&cYou're not allowed to craft this bow."
    MissingTNT: "&cYou must have a TNT in your inventory to use this bow."
    OnBowShoot: true

    How to install:
    1. Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart your server.
    That's it!

    This plugin uses MCStats/Plugin Metrics!
    If you're wondering, what is this? Very simple! This plugin gathers the following information > how many servers are using the plugin and how many players are on those servers in total, nothing else!

    Leave a rating?
    I'd appreciate if you'd leave a rating, good or bad! :)
    Please do explain why you like/dislike the plugin and how it could be improved.

    TNT shot by TnTBows can break item frames, painting and other similar items inside of world guard protected areas, to prevent this, use FrameProtect, this will fix the issue.
    I do not intend to add built in fix for this, when there's already a great fix avaible.

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Recent Reviews

  1. AusCoNetwork
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great Plugin! Very nice, but one thing.. Can you add WorldGuard support so it doesn't blow up my spawn :P Other than that, Great!
    1. pramsing
      Author's Response
      disable tnt in the region, then it wont blow up anything.
  2. MirinPvP
    Version: 1.0.1
    awesome :3
    but could you add a config like mccentral has a skywars perk that vip can use it , but the vip only explodes dirt it stills explode on contact with the floor or wall but it only explodes dirt ( sorry if i explained it bad )
    maybe you can add a config of what block it explodes
  3. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 1.0.1
    Pew Pew Pew the Bow is shootn so hearty XD

    Great Plugin =) thx for writing it.
    1. pramsing
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review, glad you like it! :)