TnTCraft [Skript] 1.0

Transform sand and gunpowder into tnt with one command!

  1. EnSun580
    TntCraft by Ensun580

    Installation Instructions:

    To install TnTCraft, you must first install Skript and restart your server. Then, go into the "Skript" folder, then into "scripts" and drop the right into there. Do "/skript reload all" in game and you're good to go!

    How it works:

    /crafttnt will give the player 1 tnt for every 4 sand and 5 gunpowder they have in their inventory! (Yes, it takes their sand and gunpowder away).
    Also, this works with red sand and renamed items aren't bugged, unlike other plugins to do this.

    tnt.craft - Gives permission for the player to use /crafttnt

    Required Plugins:
    You must have Skript installed on your server!


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