TnTFill 3.0

Ever wanted something where players would fill their dispensers in just a second ? Use this plugin.

  1. 3.0

    Hi i've fixed an issue and recoded the entire plugin as i lost the sourcecode to it i've also reworked some parts of the plugin and prevented override items when in creative

    I've also made a new configuration file which will contain everything thats changeable
    tnt-fill: CustomEnchants.TnTFill
    tnt-fill-creative: CustomEnchants.TnTFill.creative
    x: 6
    y: 4
    z: 6
    console-sender: '&c&lTnTFill &aYou can''t run this command as console'
    no-permission: '&c&lTnTFill &aYou don''t have permission to run this command'
    no-dispensers-nearby: '&c&lTnTFill &aUnable to find nearby dispensers'
    no-tnt-in-inventory: '&c&lTnTFill &aYou have no tnt in your inventory'
    unable-to-fill: '&c&lTnTFill &aUnable to fill the dispensers'
    filled: '&c&lTnTFill &aYou have filled the dispensers with tnt'
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