TNTFly 3.9.4

Multiple GUI for Edit TNT and enjoying !

  1. Luca_008
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    My plugin for Minecraft Spigot 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12

    Thank's for the 1000 downloads <3


    Plugin for version 1.4-1-7: TNTFly1.4-1.7

    The server's difficutly must be 1,2 or 3
    TNTFly doesn't work if the server's diffuclty is 0(Peaceful)


    With TNTFly you can :

    - Do a tntfly
    - Do a instant tntfly with the instant mod!
    - Do a tnt canon (And edit the power of tnt)
    - Edit TNT
    - Edit fuze ticks
    - Edit falling damage
    - Add effects to players when tnts explode
    - Cancel block damage
    - Cancel drops when tnts explode
    - Cancel fire damage
    - Add particles when a tnt explode
    - Choose between two mod of TNTFly: Normal or Direction-assist
    - Full TabCompleter even in 1.8/1.9!
    - Prevent destruction of blocks

    - You can choose wich effects are enabled.
    - You can edit the duration of each effects(Max: 9999s)
    - You can edit the level of each effects(Max: 200)

    - Multiples GUI are disponible for edit the plugin.
    - Easy to use.
    - TNT must be activate by a Flint and steel if you want see the customName

    - This version of TNTFly doesn't work in 1.7! Use this;
    TNTFly 1.7
    - Don't use config for edit the plugin !!! (Use /tnt in game for GUI)

    - /tnt: Open the menu for edit the plugin
    - /tnt help: Help for TNTFly plugin
    - /tnt tnt: A GUI
    - /tnt information: A GUI
    - /tnt settings: A GUI
    - /tnt exsettings: A GUI
    - /tnt give <number(1-64)>: Receive the tnt instant.
    - /tnt set <Name>: Set a custom name to a Primed_TNT
    - /tnt speed d|l <Duration(seconds)|level>: Edit effect speed
    - /tnt nausea d|l <Duration(seconds)|level>: Edit effect nausea
    - /tnt regen d|l <Duration(seconds)|level>: Edit effect regeneration
    - /tnt blindness d|l <Duration(seconds)|level>: Edit effect blindness
    - /tnt wither d|l <Duration(seconds)|level>: Edit effect wither

    - All the permissions = tntfly.*
    - /tnt =
    - /tnt help =
    - /tnt tnt = tntfly.tnt
    - /tnt information =
    - /tnt settings = tntfly.settings
    - /tnt exsettings = tntfly.exsettings
    - /tnt set <Name> = tntfly.setname
    - All the particle effect GUI = tntfly.particle.*
    - Edit the particle = tntfly.particle.settings
    - Enable/Disable particle = tntfly.particle
    - All the permissions for settings = tntfly.settings.*
    - Edit all the potion effect = tntfly.modify.*
    - Damage tnt = tntfly.settings.damagetnt
    - Damage fall = tntfly.settings.damagefall
    - Material damage = tntfly.settings.blockdamage
    - Drops when tnt explode(true/false) = tntfly.settings.blockdrop
    - Damage fire = tntfly.settings.firedamage
    - Instant mod = tntfly.settings.instantmod
    - Edit fuse ticks = tntfly.modify.fuzeticks
    - Speed GUI: tntfly.modify.speed
    - Nausea GUI: tntfly.modify.nausea
    - Regeneration GUI: tntfly.modify.regeneration
    - Blindness GUI: tntfly.modify.blindness
    - Wither GUI: tntfly.modify.wither
    - Enable/Disable all tnt effects: tntfly.modify
    - Fuze ticks GUI: tntfly.modify.fuzeticks
    - Receive update message on login: tntfly.update
    - Receive the tnt instant by the commande /tnt give: tntfly.give

    Blocks breaker:​
    - Toggle Blocks breaker enabled/disabled : tntfly.block.toggle
    - Access to the gui Blocks breaker's list: tntfly.block.edit
    - Add blocks into the list : tntfly.block.add
    - Remove blocks from the list : tntfly.block.remove
    - All the access: tntfly.block.*

    - If you want open a GUI by the menu, you must give to the player the command's permission

    If i want open the "settings" GUI by the menu,

    i must have the "tntfly.settings" permission.

    Available in versions:


    - Totally remake of the plugin for optimization and bugs resolving.


    Enjoy with my plugin !
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Recent Reviews

  1. Capolegros
    Version: 3.9.2
    This plugin is very good but how can i change tnt Instant mod ticks (to instantly explode the tnt when i player placed him )
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Hi, you can't do that for the moment... But I keep your idea in mind even if the project is abandonned.
  2. Tonairplayer51
    Version: 3.9.2
    Very good plugin bro ! But please add a Blocks-Whitelist for blocks that explode if block damages are disableds (Sorry for mistakes im French)
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Salut, merci de ton avis, je prends cela en compte pour une future mise à jour même si le projet est abandonné !
    Version: 3.9.2
    Very good plugin ! This is the best TnTFly plugin of the worl ! Thanks you !!!!!
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! x3
  4. Elguerrero
    Version: 3.9.1
    Good but this dont work in 1.12.2 true?
    And personally, do you think I would molar in 1 type of skywars or something?
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      If you want, I can give you a tntfly who allows 1.12, but there are some bugs.. And for the skywars, i doesn't understand, can you send me a private message on the forum with more explications?
  5. Zuan_Shi
    Version: 3.2
    Hi,I come from China.This is great plugin!Can I carry this plugin on this website: ?
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Yes you can, and thank's for the 5 stars :)
  6. Swiftlicious
    Version: 3.2
    I like the concept but maybe allow us to customize TNT features like hmm.. add potion effects to tnts?
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Send me ideas in private messages, i can maybe add this in the plugin ^^
  7. AndyYu
    Version: 3.1
    It works well on spigot 1.11.2,no bug.btw could you please add a messages.yml or something so that I can translate it into other languages
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Thank's for the raiting :) Yes i can, i put that on the next update ^^'
  8. _Luc4_
    Version: 3.0
    Hey ! i added this plugin for my rush on my server, it's Awesome !..................................
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Nice :) Thanks
  9. LeVape2Mush
    Version: 2.0
    Bonsoir, j'ai également testé ce plugin ! Je mets 5 étoiles car l'interface des GUI est propre, le plugin tout seul en soit et pas forcément utile, mais si on le rajoute dans un rush par exemple. Il devient super !
    1. Luca_008
      Author's Response
      Merci ^^'
  10. Beruus
    Version: 2.0
    Thank fort craftbukkit version 1.9, i use CraftBukkit. I like the new GUI ! Nice job, this plugin is fun
    1. Luca_008