TNTFly 3.9.4

Multiple GUI for Edit TNT and enjoying !

  1. Update 3.9.4 || TNTFly



    New little update for some addings in the plugin;

    Now you can add blocks to a list for preventing destroying them when a tnt explode.

    Just use the new GUI in '/tnt settings' where a stone block is called "Blocks breaker". You can toggle enabled/disabled with right clic, or open the gui with left-clic.

    Inside the gui you can add a block with the green ink sack "Blocks adder". Just click on it with the block u want to add.

    And u can delete...
  2. Update 3.9.3 || TNTFly



    New little update for some addings in the plugin;

    1) Now you can edit the fuse ticks for instant mod in the same gui of fuse ticks for common TNTs.

    2) Add of a system for checking the next updates (Player who have permission "tntfly.*" or "tntfly.update" will receive a message when they logging in the server if plugin isn't at the last update. Or console will gets a warning at the loading of the plugin.)

    3) Now when a player click on a GUI for edit the plugin, the...
  3. Update 3.9.2 || TNTFly


    New little update:

    - Implements TabCompleter for command "/tnt"
    (If player has permission "tntfly.give", when he do "/tnt <tab>", <tab> will be replaced by "give". If player has "tntfly.*" permission, he can get all the tab completations, etc...)

    - Fixed bug: The power of tnt cannon in 1.11, effectively tnt's velocity change in 1.11 ._. Thank's microsoft! !!

    - Fixed bug: With the permission "tntfly.settings.*", player who have it couldn't do "/tnt...
  4. Update 3.9.1 || TNTFly

    Hi guys,

    New update;
    - Add particles when a tnt explode
    - Edit the power of a tnt cannon
    - Edit the tntfly mod
    - New permissions for "Settings TNT Fly" GUI

    Use the new GUI in the "Settings TNT Fly" menu, for enable/disable or edit the particle.

    Effects Type GUI: You can choose the type of particle(Portal, Spell, etc..) with left-click or you can try all the particle...
  5. Update 3.9 || TNTFly


    For this update, I just add a new setting;
    - You can now edit the fuze ticks before the tnt will explode
    - The max is 80 ticks (20 ticks = 1 second)

    You can edit that in the GUI settings :)

    Good bye

    ---------------------Update 3.9---------------------


    Pour cette mise à jour, j'ai juste ajouté un nouveau paramètre:
    - Vous pouvez maintenant modifier le temps que met une tnt avant d'exploser
    - Le maximum est 80...
  6. Update 3.8 || TNTFly

    New update !!!(English)

    New tnt!!
    - Instant TNT mod;
    - When a tnt renamed is placed, she is already activated, and she explodes after 1.5 seconds.

    You can get the Instant tnt with the commande /tnt give <1-64>
    /tnt give 43

    Nouvelle mise à jour !!!(Français)

    Nouvelle tnt!!

    - Mode TNT instantanées;
    - Quand une tnt renommée est placée, elle est déjà activée et explose après 1,5 secondes.

    Vous pouvez obtenir la tnt instantanée avec la commande /tnt...
  7. Update 3.7 || TNTFly


    Update 3.7;

    New setting:
    - Fire damage(for players)
    Set if the damage by fire(Only on players) is true or false

    A bug is resolved;
    - When "tnt bloc damage" was disabled, the primed tnt didn't active the others tnt. But now it's resolved.



    Mise à jour 3.7;

    Nouveau paramètre;
    - Dommages dût au feu(Pour les joueurs)
    Définis si les dommages dût au feu(Uniquement sur les...
  8. Update 3.6 || TNTFly

    Update 3.6(English);

    - New effects:
    - Blindness effect
    - Wither effect

    Mise à jour 3.6(Français);

    - Nouveaux effets:
    - Effet d'obscurité
    - Effect du wither

    New Permissions;

    - tntfly.modify.blindness
    - tntfly.modify.wither
  9. Update 3.5 || TNTFly

    Update 3.5;

    - Fix the bug for "Big Falling Damage"
    - New commands interface for edit the duration or the level of the effects.

    - Create your command:
    s = speed
    n = nausea
    regen = regeneration

    d = duration
    l = level

    /tnt s d 60
    (You set the speed effect's duration to 60 seconds)

    - If you click on the message who begin with "[Click Me]" when you would like edit a effect, the command will be written in your tchat.

    Mise à jour 3.5;...
  10. Update 3.4 || TNTFly


    Today i upload this update for adding two new settings for the TNT:

    - Chose if you want the materials damage of a tnt when it explode, or not
    - Chose if you want the drops of the broken block when it explode, or not

    TNTFly doesn't work if the server difficulty is peacefull(/difficulty 0)
    Set the server difficulty to easy minimum(/difficulty 1)

    Spigot1.12: There are some bug in this version, i correct them on the next update...