TNTRun_reloaded Expansion 1.0.4

Placeholder expansion for TNTRun_reloaded

  1. steve4744
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    TNTRun_reloaded Expansion
    This is a placeholder expansion pack for the TNTRun_reloaded plugin and is used in conjunction with PlaceholderAPI.

    Minimum required plugins (version 1.0.4):
    TNTRun_reloaded 7.6+
    PlaceholderAPI 2.8.2+

    Minimum required plugins (version 1.0.3):
    TNTRun_reloaded 7.1+
    PlaceholderAPI 2.8.2+

    This current version was compiled and tested with:
    SpigotAPI 1.13.2
    TNTRun_reloaded 7.6
    PlaceholderAPI 2.9.2

    To use this expansion, drop the Expansion-TNTRun_reloaded.jar into your "plugins/placeholderapi/expansions" folder and run "/papi reload".

    This expansion can now be downloaded directly in-game using "/papi ecloud download TNTRun".

    Current list of TNTRun_reloaded placeholders:

    Code (Text):
    %tntrun_played%                 : number of TNTRun games played
    %tntrun_wins%                   : number of TNTRun games won
    %tntrun_losses%                 : number of TNTRun games lost
    %tntrun_version%                : version number of plugin
    %tntrun_arena_count%            : number of TNTRun arenas
    %tntrun_player_count%           : number of players currently playing TNTRun

    More placeholders may be added in future versions.

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