TntStick 1.0.1

Shoot TNT From the holy stick

  1. Kokkelbaard
    Simple Description
    This plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to get a stick that shoots tnt.

    Plugin Info
    Just drop the jar in the plugins folder and reload/restart the server.
    Edit the config for customization​

    Permissions :
    • tntStick.*
    • tntStick.give
    • tntStick.use
    Code (Text):
    Name: The Holy TNT Stick
    Lore: Given from the old gods to heroes and villain
    #TNT projectile
    Speed: 1.0
    Fuse: 120
    Incendiary: true
    BlockDamage: true
    Name and lore are both the text for the name and lore of the item.
    Speed is a multiple for the speed(watch out, dont put it too high).
    Fuse is the ticks it take to let the tnt explode.
    Incendiary enables fire if true.
    BlockDamage enables blockdamage if true. 2015-04-09_01.06.59.png 2015-04-09_01.09.50.png 2015-04-09_01.09.57.png

Recent Updates

  1. Empty hand error fixed