Toast 2015-05-08

Adds a toaster and toast to the game! Hmmmm toast!

  1. martijnpold
    Toast 1.0
    What is this plugin?
    This plugin adds a little golden toaster block. When you right-click the toaster with wheat it will give toast! It is fully configurable how much wheat it costs and how much food toast regens :)

    Tutorial by me:

    /Toaster - Shows a help menu
    /Toaster [user] - Gives the user a toaster
    /Toaster self - Gives the executer a toaster

    toaster.self - Grants access to /toaster self
    toaster.others - Grants access to /toaster [user] toaster.self is required
    toaster.make - Grants access to the player to make toast! - Required permission to eat toast

    Known Bugs
    Found any bugs? Please make a ticket and i will try to fix it!

    Next updates

    Any ideas? Make a ticket :)!

    version 1.0-SNAPSHOP to 1.0
    - Added permissions
    - Uploaded plugin

    Data collecting
    This plugin uses to collect anonymous data about the servers using the plugin and does NOT collect any personal information about any users or server owners of this plugin.

    Data it collects: Amount of players, java version, server version, server country (so no exact location), operating system (ex. windows/linux) and system info. This does not include any personal information in any way and will not be used for any other reasons than just looking at it

    Data Usage - The data being collected is for people and me to see how many people are using my plugin and does not include any personal information

    If you do not like this then you can disable it in the config files located at: <server>\plugins\PluginMetrics\config.yml and set opt-out: to true. If you do this no data will be collected from your server.

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Recent Reviews

  1. _Cory_
    Version: 2015-05-08
    Fucking brilliant.