ToDo 1.1

Assign tasks to your staff, with this simple, yet powerful ToDo plugin! New features!

  1. aviatik
    • Create ToDo list for your staff
    • Assign task to the list, each with specific group (Moderators, Builders etc.)
    • Edit content of the task
    • Check completed task to remove it from the list
    • NEW: Set reminder to remind the tasks to your staff every [X] seconds
    • Customizable messages and multilanguage support
    • Current available languages: English, Slovak
    • /todo - Show basic informations about ToDo plugin
    • /todo show - Show ToDo list to the player
    • /todo show groups - Show list of active groups to the player
    • /todo assign <group> <task> - Add new task to the list, ALIASES: add
    • /todo edit <index> <task> - Change the task with specific index
    • /todo check <index> - Remove the task with specific index, ALIASES: remove,done
    • /todo reload - Reload the ToDo plugin
    • /todo help - Show help for the plugin
    • todo.admin - Allow use of all ToDo commands
    • - Allow use of "/todo show" command.
    • todo.assign - Allow use of "/todo assign" command
    • todo.edit - Allow use of "/todo edit" command.
    • todo.check - Allow use of "/todo check" command.
    • todo.reload - Allow use of "/todo reload" command.
    • - Allow use of "/todo help" command.




    • When changing language in config.yml, changes will appear after next server restart
    • This is my first Bukkit/Spigot plugin and I'm not native English speaker so please excuse any grammatical or functional mistakes and let me know if you find any.

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Recent Updates

  1. Added Aliases & Reminder

Recent Reviews

  1. Metallurg
    Version: 1.1
    Very good plugin. Thanks.
    Reload don't update info from config.yml. it's necessary to restart server. It's uncomfortably.
    P.S. I can give you message_ru.yml (Russian)
  2. Syaoran3
    Version: 1.1
    This is a good plugin but i think some stuff could be added to make it better.

    1. An alert system. Whoever creates the task will get an alert when a player completes it.
    2. A TP System. The ability to create TP's with the task so players can teleport to the task location when they choose to accept it.
  3. TheBubbleGames
    Version: 1.1
    Cool, Just what my staff needed. Made them quit asking "What can I do now". ;) Plus, like @augestob said, make the check command to something like done or remove. ;)
  4. augesrob
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent- Please rename check - to remove or done, Was confusing.
    1. aviatik
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review, I'm currently out of home, but will add this to next update, nice idea.
  5. ArthurKnox
    Version: 1.0
    Really helpful.
    1. aviatik
  6. Adolf88
    Version: 1.0
    gr8 m8
    1. aviatik
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)