ToggleBlock 1.8x-1.7x Protocol Hack

Simple plugin allows players to register blocks and then toggle on and off...

  1. xTheAurisx
    A simple plugin that allows players to register blocks and then toggle on and off (all blocks to air). Useful for dams, bridges, traps, secret areas,controlling redstone via commands and much more.

    Working at "1.8x-1.7x Protocol Hack" or older. [Last Plugin Update]
    • Multi-world support
    • Block data support (wool colours, wood types, container positions etc)
    • All regions are saved and accessible after a reload
    • Regions are easily backed up
    • Supports tbon and tboff commands from the console and players
    • Can be used to activate redstone via a command (redstone torch in a region)
    • Useful for draw-bridges, moats, traps, secret areas and more
    • All regions are global and can be accessed by anyone
    • Redstone activation (region on only when powered)
    • Redstone can be inverted (region off when powered)
    • Use /tb to list all regions
    • Can be used to wirelessly activate redstone
    Possible commands:​
    • /tb [name] - Starts/stops edit mode for a specific region of blocks
    • /tbon [name] - Resets all blocks in the specific region to their original state
    • /tboff [name] - Turns all blocks in the region to air.
    • /tbr [name] - Links a sign (look at it) with a region to support redstone
    • /tbrd - Remove linked sign that you're looking at

Recent Reviews

  1. PandaShadowz
    Version: v0.1
    good plugin but asked something to the creator about a problem that i have [toggleblock sign trigger and wireless redstone] and had NO reply !!!