ToggleEffect 1.1

Toggle between Effect inc. Permissions

  1. PeterXonwiiXx
    Het,thanks for coming here,,,
    You can Toggle between Potion Effects i made.
    Potions availeble:
    NightVision Strength
    Swiftness Regeneration
    FireResistance Invisibility
    Healing WaterBreathing
    JumpBoost Strength

    For more info on the Commands & Permissions:

    Known Bugs: NONE

    How to install?

    download the plugin and move it to your \plugins\ Folder.
    Rund server and it should say Toggle Effect in your Console.

    Features: im currently trying to add effects to a player that normally only can be ateached to a item,NOT SURE if this gonna work,,but will keep you guys
    Up To Date

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed a small bug,working 100% now!!