Tokens - [1.8.x - 1.13] [SQL] [API] 2.2.5

an economy with tokens

  1. v2.2.5 performance update + fix

    - performance the config data will load faster than before
    - shop fixed the issue when buying an item with the same displayname as other item's in the shop
  2. v2.2.4

    - Fixed the error message when interacting of any menu/GUI
    - added checks if there is a shop before open/edit a
  3. v2.2.3 quick error fix

    - Fixed a error in console when a player opens a menu, added a checker
    - changed the item text from italic to normal text
  4. v2.2.2 fix shop

    - when editing the shop it will check if the item is moved
    - FIXED if there is 2 of more of the same items in the shop it give the player the amount of items in the shop instead of 1x of the item
    - removed some useless message
  5. v2.2.1 small update

    - removed the message when open the shop or edit the shop
  6. v2.2.0 Build in Shop added

    - i added a build in shop (only works in 1.8.x - 1.12.x), all information is on the main page
    - fixed /tokens get <amount> won't check for sql check
  7. v2.1.1 permissions wrong fix

    - fixed the permissions for the /tokens convert sql to tokens.admin.convert
    - i think i got a rid of the attributes of the Note item
  8. v2.1.0

    - reworked the token item to a note
    - removed command "/tokens redeem", to redeem the token sneak click for redeem the item
  9. V2.0.0 mySQL SUPPORT

    many of you asked for sql support and now its out

    - added mySQL Support
    - you can convert from file based to mySQL (handy for existing servers)
    - added command /tokens convert sql
  10. v1.9.1

    - changed the API (for Dev, you have to update your code for this update)
    - added permission to the main command tokens.tokens

    if you use TokenShop you have to update to the latest update