Tokens Economy - [1.8.x - 1.13.x] [Bank System] [SQL] [API] 2.4.0

an economy with tokens

  1. Bank system update

    - added a Build in bank system (look the page main page for more info)
    - remove the build-in shop, it couse too much errors at the moment with 1.13
  2. v2.3.0

    - added now you can sell items in the shop
    - fixed when the item is free and the player try to shift click the item it won't anymore spamming into his inventory

    When using the shop, you have to remove the shop.yml file for preventing errors
  3. v2.2.6 more bugs fixed

    - added an option for useSSL
    - fix inventory click errors in console
    - removed command "/tokens shop remove <shop name>"
    - added remove the shop from the GUI "/tokens shop edit"

  4. v2.2.5 performance update + fix

    - performance the config data will load faster than before
    - shop fixed the issue when buying an item with the same displayname as other item's in the shop
  5. v2.2.4

    - Fixed the error message when interacting of any menu/GUI
    - added checks if there is a shop before open/edit a
  6. v2.2.3 quick error fix

    - Fixed a error in console when a player opens a menu, added a checker
    - changed the item text from italic to normal text
  7. v2.2.2 fix shop

    - when editing the shop it will check if the item is moved
    - FIXED if there is 2 of more of the same items in the shop it give the player the amount of items in the shop instead of 1x of the item
    - removed some useless message
  8. v2.2.1 small update

    - removed the message when open the shop or edit the shop
  9. v2.2.0 Build in Shop added

    - i added a build in shop (only works in 1.8.x - 1.12.x), all information is on the main page
    - fixed /tokens get <amount> won't check for sql check
  10. v2.1.1 permissions wrong fix

    - fixed the permissions for the /tokens convert sql to tokens.admin.convert
    - i think i got a rid of the attributes of the Note item