Tombs 2.3

Tombstones that save a players inventory in a lock protected chest on death.

  1. GhostHacks96
    Updating To New Spigot
    Tombs V2.0
    No Longer Requires Lockette!
    This Plugin is based on the mod tombstones.

    1. tombs.tomblist: Allow use of the /tomblist command.
    2. tombs.tombfind: Allow use of the /tombfind command
    3. tombs.tombreset: Allow use of the /tombreset command
    4. tombs.quickloot: Allow player to quickly loot the chest
    5. tombs.admin: Allow this user to destroy other players tombs
    6. tombs.use: Allow the player to use the tombstones

    1. tomblist: Show a list of your tombs
    2. tombfind: Set your compass to point at the designated tombs.
    3. tombreset: Reset your compass to spawn.
    4. tombupdate: Check For New Updates

    I had some reports that the plugin places a large chest replacing any blocks in its way, this will be fixed as soon as possible!
    Please Check Back For The Update!

    Thanks To Everyone Below!
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Recent Reviews

  1. marlon233
    Version: 2.3
    Good compliment, I hope it will update and add new features, like when you die, send a message with the coordinates of the tombs and, when you click on the message, you can tp
  2. Meerkap
    Version: 2.3
    Dont work on 1.12 when i dead the plugin do not generate the chest. So i dont know why, i also would like to configurate the mesages
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      thank you for the heads up, but can you tell me if you have, the perm set for the rank or are you op?
  3. Ikodavalos
    Version: 1.1.4
    This is great, but please please please add world support cause i dont want deathchests placed all over my minigames, just my survival world. TY :P
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      Hey Ive Added the World Support! only allows one world currently Hopefully I Can Make It Allow Multiple Worlds Soon
  4. TheBrihan777
    Version: 1.1
    Hello, your plugin is very good but you could do that to grab objects chests are automatically eliminated and if possible it removed with a particle of fire or smoke and have a sound, if you do this your plugin will be perfect .

    It's just my opinion, and my suggestion

    forgive my not speak much English so use translator :(
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      The quick loot feature is already available please make sure the users have the permission tombs.quickloot or that player is OP then upon right click they will get the chest inventory if their is nothing left the chest is deleted.
  5. brainy_smurf
    Version: 1.0