[TOOL] AchievementReward 1.0

Complete vanilla achievements and get rewarded! Perfect for survival servers

  1. topleN17
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    What is it achievementReward?
    It's a plugin that allow to your players to get rewards for complete vanilla achievements

    • Spigot +1.8
    • Java 7
    • High configurable
    • Good and fast support
    • Easy install
    • Easy to configure!

    Commands and permissions

    Getting started
    1. Put the jar into the plugins folder
    2. Start and stop your server
    3. Configure the plugin
    4. Start the server
    5. Ready for fun!
    Files that you can edit (Examples)

    Code (Text):
    # The name of the achiv.
    # The commands to execute
    - title %player% title Good
    - give %player% log 4
    # Permission that you need to get reward (If you don't put a permission all can be rewarded)
    MINE_WOOD_PERM: AR.mine_wood
    List of all the achievements

    Suport languages in discussion: English / Spanish

    Terms and conditions
    • You don't upload / share this plugin
    • You can modify the code of the plugin (only for personal usage)
    • You can use it only in your servers