[Tool] SystemDump 1.0.0

Tool for plugin authors | Save important information about a server

  1. inventivetalent
    This plugin allows you to collect information about a server and save it to a file.
    This is especially useful for plugin authors if you quickly want to see everything important information about a user's server.

    The plugin is currently able to collect

    • the version of the server
    • a list of plugins installed on the server
      • name
      • version
      • author(s)
    • a list of online players
      • name, display name, uuid
      • client versions of players
      • permissions of players
    • a list of loaded worlds
      • name
      • environment
      • difficulty
      • entities (non-living, living, players)
    • a list of plugin classes
    • feel free to suggest more

    How to create a dump

    1. Decide what information (listed above) you need
    2. Run the command below with the required options (for example: /dump -plugins)
      1. Use tab-completion to cycle through the options
      2. You can also use ? instead of - to see what each option does (for example: /dump ?plugins)
    3. The dump will be saved in /plugins/SystemDump/dumps/.


    • /dump <-option_1[-option_2[...]]> - Creates a new dump with the specified options (Permission: system.dump)